Victoria Lifeline:
24/7 Emergency Assistance

Help is only a push of a button away!

In partnership with Victoria Lifeline, we can arrange quick and easy installation of a monitor and personal help button that corresponds with your needs.

For over 30 years, Victoria Lifeline has been a valuable support system for older adults who want to remain independent. We know that no one plans to have an accident or medical emergency, but you don’t have to be alone. Victoria Lifeline can provide around the clock support and access to immediate assistance when you need it the most. All the personal help buttons are waterproof and designed to be worn in the bath or shower.

Welcome to Victoria Lifeline…Because Home is Best!

How Lifeline works

Summon Help: Simply press your button to activate the Communicator unit and connect to the 14 hour Response Centre.

Hear a reassuring voice: A response Assoicate will access your profile to determine the exact help you need, then contract a friend/loved one or Emergency Services. The Associate will follow up with you
until help arrives.

Receive the right care: You decide which loved ones or friends you would like us to contact if you need help. These responders should have a key to your home or know where one is located (e.g. lockbox). Our Associates can also notify others in the event of an emergency; even a son or daugther that lives out of the province.

Features of your service

Your button can be used to answer the phone. Press the button after the phone rings twice and talk to your caller through the unit’s two way speaker.

Buttons are available on a wristband or neck cord. Please read the Important Safety Information card in your package. the neck cord is adjustable.

Your personal help button is 100% waterproof. Please wear it in the bath and shower.

The volume on the communicator unit can be adjusted to suit your hearing needs, the control is on the side of the unit.

Your button and communicator automatically send a signal to the Response Centre when the batteries are low. We will schedule a service call with you to replace them.

Fall Detection Technology

If you have the AUTOALERT* button, it automatically places a call for help if a fall is detected and you can’t push your button beacuse you are unconscious or immobilized. AutoAlert is only available on a neck cord.

When you need help

Press the Button A Response Associate will call out to you over the Lifeline speaker. Tell the Associate the kind of help you need (family, friend or ambulance*). Even if you can’t speak we will still send help. Please note: If you don’t answer, the Associate will also try calling you by telephone.

General Information

Test the service once a month by pressing your button. This ensures the equipment is in good working order and helps you feel comfortable using your button. As a reminder, there are monthly stickers for your calendar.

Keep your information up-to-date. If you move, get a new phone number or change your responders, press your button and
inform the Associate.

If you are going into the hospital, press your button and let the Associate know.

If you are going away, please press your button and tell the Response Associate. The Victoria Lifeline Service is portable and you can take the button and unit with you anywhere in North America. Press your button and the Associate will explain what steps to follow.

When you need to wash your button, do so with warm and mild liquid soap. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. If you accidentally send in an alarm signal, just tell the Associate you are okay when they call out over
the Lifeline speaker.

For cancellation of the Victoria Lifeline service, we require 30 days notice.

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